Solar 2020: Inverters


solar-inverters-perthSolar inverters are the heart of a quality solar power system. It converts the solar energy collected by the PV panels into usable electricity for your home or business.

The yield from the PV modules is harvested, then converted to AC grid power by the inverter. It is important to have a high quality inverter that is professionally installed, incorrect installation methods can drastically effect the longevity of your inverter.

To help ensure the quality of our work we only recommend and install tried and tested inverter manufacturers. The brands that meet our stringent quality expectations are listed below:


SMA Inverters

SMA Solar Technology AG is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic inverters, operating in Germany since 1981. SMA PV inverters are world class, known for their exceptional build quality, efficient design and long lasting durability.


Aurora Inverters

Aurora Inverters are produced by Power One the world’s second largest producer of PV inverter’s with headquarters in California. Their inverters have a high build quality meeting all international standards for PV inverters and are easily expandable as your power needs grow.


Fronius Inverters

Fronius products stand for highest quality. This is evident not only in high-performance, grid-connected inverters, but also in wide range of products for system monitoring.


Delta Inverters

Delta Energy Systems is a part of the larger Delta Electronics group, and is the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies and DC brushless fans. Needless to say the quality of Delta inverters come as no surprise, with headquarters and manufacturing from Germany.