Solar 2020: Quality Solar Components

Quality Solar Components

As electricity prices keep rising, the continued efficiency of solar panel arrays on residential and commercial roofs becomes more critical. Solar 2020 believes in using only the best panels, sourced from around the world, with proven performance. Read the data sheets on our ET Solar Panels, one of the world’s top tier solar PV panel manufacturers. They have a guaranteed 97 per cent performance in their first year.

ET Solar guarantees their products have a high degree of stability and reliability over their lifetime. Anti-corrosion technology as well as high-quality materials and components are used. Strict quality control ensures compliance with ISO and globally recognised quality standards. ET solar panels have a 25-year performance output guarantee and 10-year manufacturing warranty.

We also use panels from SolarWorld, in Germany, which guarantee to build you a panel that will meet or exceed the rated wattage, and maintain that efficiency. All cell and module production is based right next to the group’s own research and development enterprise, SolarWorld Innovations. The ties to technical university Bergakademie Freiberg and the semi-conductor facility in Dresden make for an innovative atmosphere with a large pool of experts and skills at hand. Their testing routine is thorough, and independently confirmed in their own country.

Many other panels lose efficiency dramatically after just a few years. We believe in supplying panels that will continue to deliver as close to their rated wattage for as long as possible. As with so many other purchases, there is no substitute for quality. In solar power, that means continuing dividends in the form of lower power bills for longer.