Solar 2020: Case Study

Case Study

Power Consumption Comparisons

The best way to work out your savings if you were to install a solar power array on your commercial building is to do a comparison of your current electricity bill with what it is likely to be. Here we have done the homework for you, using two different size systems. This enables you to work out how much you could save each year.

The charts show clearly that installing solar power is a sound investment for a commercial property, particularly when projected increases in unit prices are factored in.

In summary, solar power will:

1. Slash your power bill.
2. Reduce your carbon footprint.
3. Avoid rising power costs.

These figures are from a 30kW solar system
installed on July 1, 2013.

Commercial Systems-006
Commercial Systems-007

These are the savings from a 15kW solar system
over the same period.

Commercial Systems-5
Commercial Systems-008